10 Twitter Accounts of the World’s Popular Locations

June 24, 2017 • By

It’s always great to be inspired by the best industry leaders every time you go on Twitter. Every once in a while, it would also be refreshing to see tropical locations, views of the county or even ski resorts on your timeline. They serve as a reminder – you’ll need to relax and re-charge after taking on lots of challenges involved in daily living.

Follow these10 Twitter accounts of the most sought-for destinations, and you’ll be looking forward to exploring and seeing some of the world’s best sceneries:

St. Barths Tourism Board@stbarthtourism

St. Barths Official Tourism Board gives you a glimpse of the typical views and top activities at the island. It features seasonal events like the Earth Day celebration, New Year’s Eve gatherings, St. Barth Summer Sessions(a showcase of musicians), and more. It also retweets the latest promotions of travel businesses to further encourage its visitors to take their chances and maybe luckily win at contests. Some of the promos include round trip flights and at least 3 nights’ worth of stay at St. Barths.Through article features and videos, this account can also encourage its followers to explore the different sides of the island.

Aspen Chamber @AspenCO

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Outdoor adventurers won’t run out of extreme activities to enjoy at Aspen, Colorado. They can get started in planning out their itineraries by looking at the Aspen Chamber’s seasonal features. In April, the Chamber promotes the rocky mountains’ biking tracks. In much colder seasons, they feature photos of the municipality’s renowned skiing and snowboarding events. @AspenCO is also an advocate of the LGBTQ community, so it occasionally features gay events for couples going on romantic getaways.

Ibiza Spotlight @ibizaspotlight

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This Twitter account regularly features the Mediterranean island’s party culture. It mostly posts about exclusive shows, techno music lineups and live acts from different clubs. It also snaps photos of the island’s beautiful shores and locale. For more details about their almost-daily updates, you can also click on the links leading to their official magazine, the Ibiza Spotlight.

Best of Las Vegas@TheBestOfLV

The Best of Las Vegas features anything and everything you can find at the Entertainment Capital of the World. It showcases the city’s upcoming acts and their performers, like Sir Elton John, John Mayer, and Andrea Bocelli. Music is huge in the city, thus it wouldn’t be a surprise to frequently see the city’s best and most relevant genres like Classical, Jazz, Techno, Pop and more. The Arts & Culture is also highlighted by the’s Twitter handle. Photos of imaginative art pieces from exhibits are uploaded on their account. If you’re a gourmand, be sure to not miss out their pieces and links on food, chefs, and restaurants.

Aruba @Aruba

@Aruba lets you aspire for a tropical island getaway real soon. You can even think of their posts as your personal incentive to plan out a vacation after long days of working and daily errands.This Twitter account publishes idyllic photos and videos of the Caribbean’sisland country. It also regularly features the Spotlight Series, where the resorts’ and spas’ facilities are highlighted to the delight of their prospective visitors. They’ve already featured the Hyatt Regency, Hilton Resort & Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort &Spa, and the Holiday Inn among others. They also post links to travel writers’ reviews on the things to do, places to go and food selections to eat when you visit Aruba.

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This Twitter handle gives updates to socialites and vacationers about the upcoming events in one of New York’s top getaway spots. It has links to events and social calendars of,what the admin claims as,the East End’s Luxury Portal, the Having this account as part of your timeline lets you see people and parties, and cinematographic prowess at the Hamptons International Film Festival or HIFF.Also, it has a hodgepodge of what you’ll see on Long Island. These include seal viewing schedules, features of local businesses, seasonal greets, plus photos and videos of the beach.

Saint Lucia @SaintLuciaNow

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A tropical vacation will not be far-fetched when you have @SaintLuciaNow as part of your stream. Keep having it on your feed and it’ll be much easier for you to book for a getaway, no matter how hectic your schedule gets. This account can give you daily doses of the island’s views from its beaches, mountains, luxury resorts, rain forests, waterfalls and so much more.It regularly posts videos and photos of Saint Lucia from points-of-views of its tourists.They also post links to5-star resorts’ indulgent facilities and the island’s upcoming major events like the Saint Lucia Festival and Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Bora Bora @BoraBoraPhotos

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In the midst of a task and agenda clutter, it will be refreshing to see photos of tropical beaches, clear skies, and mountains. After sending a couple of messages and emails, you can tap on your phone’s Twitter icon and be delighted by some photos from Bora Bora. As a platform extension of bora bora which talks about travel and hotel booking tips,@BoraBoraPhotosposts each possible view and angle of the island.

This Is St Tropez @thisissttropez

ThisIsStTropezlets you appreciate an entirely different take on living by the seas. This Twitter account is linked with This IsStTropez’sInstagram account. It features photos and videos of the shores, beach scenes, French cuisine, pool parties, hotel accommodation, nightlife and more. To further update its followers of the Riviera’s culture, @ThisIsStTropez also retweets posts and releases from other handles. Topics range from super yachts, fashion shows, buffet breakfasts and much more.

The Bahamas @VisitTheBahamas

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As the Official Twitter account of The Island of Bahamas, this platform lets you see the photo and video streams of their beaches. They also feature some of the world’s sporting events, like the 2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. If you’d like the see the island’s local scenes, @VisitTheBahamas will give you an idea of what to expect. Some of their posts also include the top activities you can try out, like Bird Watching, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) or even Scuba Diving.

The Twitter accounts of these ten most visited places in the world are worth your time to click on Follow. Have your fill on their relaxing views and don’t miss out on any of their upcoming, huge events. You might even get to score some of their upcoming travel promos and specials.