International Travel Explained in Fewer Than 140 Characters

May 26, 2017 • By

Twitter has taken the world by storm. It’s even amazing how roughly 500 million tweets get sent out each day. Hence if you need a lowdown of what the sphere of International Travel looks like, this isone of the best platforms to consider.

Get endless resources of the most relevant travel information from industry leaders and experts. These Tweets can give you an idea of how the world of International Travel looks like today:


Getting travel savvy has never been more inspiring and convenient. There are much more flexible means to reach various corners of the world.

1. From City Locals / @city_locals kingdom of Bhutan is a slice of a fairytale world. #bhutan #travel #citylocals #internationaltravel #peace

International Travel

2. From Dr. Michell Gordon / @michelleegordon Four Tips For Your First Trip To Japan #TravelTuesday #TravelTips #internationaltravelInternational Travel

3. From Travel + Leisure / @TravelLeisure

The safest countries to visit in 2017

International Travel

4. From / @BuyForexOnline

We did say #Forex cards were cool, or haven’t we? Here’s how they make life easy while #travelling #abroad!

International Travel


Twitter also has the latest links to the vital information you’ll need to know especially if you’re gearing up for a business trip. Wisely follow these tips, and you’ll have much smoother transactions or negotiations while on foreign soil. Some of these may also be applied to leisure-based trips.

5. From uBreakFix / @uBreakiFix How to Prep Your Phone for International Travel #PhonePrep #InternationalTravel #HowTo

International Travel

6. From Int.BusinessSeminars / @IBSabroad

Tips on how to be culturally aware when working abroad:  #studyabroad #internationaltravel #educationabroad

International Travel

7. From 4imprintCanada / @4imprintCanada

4 practical travel tips for the new international traveler #RoadWarrior #InternationalTravel

International Travel

8. From Wraptel Inc / @wraptel

What You Need to Know About Your Passport  #internationaltravel

International Travel

9. From Mrjm Kapoen / @MrjmKapoen

#USA #InternationalTravel Required: Health insurance for visitors to the #European Union

International Travel


Knowing the latest policies also helps travelers gauge the type of environment they’ll experience as they choose the best means to fly. How can specific legislations affect the pricing strategies of service providers? One of the quickest ways to find the answer is by checking out Twitter announcements.

10. From Open and Fair Skies / @OpenFairSkies

We applaud the EU for proposing rules to challenge unfair aviation subsidies & ensure fair competition #OpenSkies

International Travel

International Travel is quite dynamic, that’s why it’s practical to have a better grasp of the industry fresh off Social based publications. The ten shared Tweets can give you a better idea of how things will go on your next trip. Subscribe to what you think are the most relevant ones, so you’ll always be in the know of what’s up in traveling.