15 Tips for Picking the Best Vacation Destinations

June 26, 2017 • By

In the middle of your busy schedule, you’ve probably had episodes where you just want to escape and relax atsome faraway location. Taking about three vacations per year should do you good. It gives you the chance to de-stress, cast your daily worries aside and just drink in the moments you’ll spend in beautiful destinations.It’s also great how private jets can be easily booked these days.Now you have the option to get a plane even on a whim.


If you’re planning to have yet another excellent trip, here are top 15 tips we’ve gathered so you can make your vacation even more memorable:

Know why you want to travel.

There are so many reasons why people go out of their way to live in faraway locations for a few days, weeks or even months.Travelers mostly want to relax, make memories by themselves or with special people in their lives, learn and explore,recharge, or build stronger relationships. In identifying your primary purpose of traveling, you’ll find it much easier to choose your destination, hotel and the activities you’ll enjoy.For instance, maybe you’d want to brush up on your skiing or snowboarding skills with friends. In this case, it would be awesome to explore ski resorts like the ones in Aspen, Colorado or Revel stoke, Canada or Zermatt, Switzerland.

Who are you going with?

The tone of your trip is set depending on whom you’ll be traveling with. If you’re a solo traveler, you’ll have more flexibility to explore the sites or experiences you’d want to encounter.It will be easier to plan your itinerary since there’s no one else to ask if, for instance, visiting a Gnome Reserve would be worth their time.With no one to watch your six, you’ll however need to be sure of your safety to avoid scam artists.

Whether you’re traveling with your friends, family or partner, it’ll also be easier to narrow down your destination if you’ll consider whom you’ll be with.Being with friends allows for you to take on adventurous trips. Taking a vacation with your significant other will entail secluded and romantic locations.Flying with your family usually requires varied activities for each member of any age to enjoy. In any case, be sure your trip will be with someone you love and whom you enjoy spending time with.

What type of trip are you taking?

Vacation formats vary depending on a traveler’s circumstance. Perhaps you simply want to take a whole day trip and go on a wine tour. Or maybe you have the whole weekend for a romantic getaway. Spontaneous trips can also ensue especially if you have the urge to justgrab a bag and unwind in another province or state. Then again, there are grand vacations which require more careful planning. Your type of trip will determine the number of places and experiencesyou’ll get to have. Day trips and weekend getaways will let you see nearby tourist destinations. With grand vacations, you can reach much farther destinations with more activities to explore.

How much time do you have?

There’s a huge difference between having only a few days to de-stressversus vacationing for several weeks. Having only a week at most means, you’llonly get to enjoy five to six major activities at a single destination. Several weeks’ to a month’s worth of vacation lets you have the flexibility to see and experience more locations. If you’d prefer to see more than one country in a whole month, you also have the option to book another private jet, so it’s much easier to go around a country or continent.

List up the activities you’d like to enjoy.


Are you the type of traveler who’d like to bring your passion wherever you go?Then it would be much more convenient for you to pick your destination. If you’d like to learn a completely new hobby like wine tasting, diving or fishing, it’s just practical to pick a place which caters to either activity.For instance, wine tours are a hit in Bordeaux, France, Northern Spain and Napa Valley among other locations. Find a place which supports the culture of the major hobbies which interest you and you’ll never run out of reasons to enjoy your vacation.

What do you want to see?

You may be an Alpsor hinterlands type of person. Or maybe you prefer hearing the sound of waves crashing into the beach’s shores. Maybe you’re also a historical or cultural buff who’d like to see the world’s best treasures and heritages. Ultimately, your interests will further guide you in picking your next go-to destination. You can vaguely list all the site ideas which come to mind and then specify the places where they can be found to make your plan more feasible.

Consider your budget.

After listing up the type of places you’d like to see, it’s just practical to check the spots where you can stretch your dollar the most. You can also balance out your length of stay in a country or destination, in reference to the price of activities which you’ll have while on vacation. For instance,if you’d like to surf or be a beach bum for a month, your dollars will have more mileage when you stay at Play a del Carmen, Mexico or Phuket, Thailand.

What’s your preferred weather?

Whether you’re a spring, fall,summer or winter type of person, you’ll be sure to find a destination to fit your preferences.Some of the best summer locations include Indonesia, Vietnam, The Bahamas, Bora Bora, Miami and Catalina Island in California. For snuggle-inspired vacations, try the Snowmass Village in Colorado, Whistler in Canada, or Davos, Switzerland.

What is your travel style?


Just like there are various types of personalities, no two travel agendas and styles are alike. To make the most of your trip, be sure to plan for a trip which showcases your preferences. You’ll only have three vacations to enjoy per year so why settle for so-so trips? If you’re an adventurous or extreme type of traveler, you might as well plan an itinerary of activities to check off some of the items in your bucket list. Perhaps you’re the type who appreciates luxurious and stylish vacations. Or maybe you choose to spend hours and even days, just lying on the beach and reading a good book. No matter what you prefer, it’s always best to make each moment count by planning your activities and tours in reference to your travel style.

What format would you prefer?

Is spontaneity your cup of tea? Or perhaps organized itineraries are more right up your alley. If you’re more of a free-spirited type of traveler, a little planning and lots of exploration in different sites can make your trip more memorable. Just be sure to always have a printed map and a fully charged smartphone at all times. App sare also a plus for purposes of security, restaurant and tourist site reviews, and hotel booking services. Being a spontaneous traveler means you won’tfeel restrained about having to stick with a schedule.You can spend hours in appreciating one location, then just move on to the next place you’d like to see or experience for the first time.

However if you’re the type who prefers to be organized while traveling, you can efficiently cover as many places as you can within a day. You’ll find a lesser need to rough things out since your contacts will be right on schedule to take you around the places of your interest. You’ll likely find more enjoyment in a location if the personnel you’ve communicated with have prepared well for your arrival. Having pre-arrangements for bed-and-breakfast treats, car rentals, sunset cruises, dinner reservations and many other experiences may lessen the challenges which come with traveling. Better yet, you may have an agent prepare all the places you’ll visit in a whole travel package.

Read up on top features and raw reviews.


By now, you probably have a rough short list of where you’d like to go. As you plan up your possible itinerary, you can read up on the reviews of a site, restaurant or hotel’s previous visitors or customers. Their experiences will give you a better idea of how you’ll enjoy a destination when it’s your turn to discover it. It’s however practical to be discerning of authentic,versus paid-for or fake reviews. Look for similarities or a trend of ideas in the comments section.These are more likely reliable for you to estimate the level of enjoyment you’ll have at a destination.If a particular comment or review stands out among the others, this could be a red flag. Check the user’s profile and previous reviews, so you can gauge the authenticity of their credibility. Compared to polished,press release photos, raw pictures can also be much more accurate since they’re based from the previous travelers’ perspective.

See the world’s biggest festivities.

Another way to choose your travel destination is by checking out the world’s biggest celebrations. If you’d like to witness how passionate and festive people can get in relation to their traditions, then you can visit the biggest state or even country-sponsored parties. Some of your must-sees may include these parties among many more:

  • Chinese New Year in Beijing, China,
  • Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Songkran (Water) Festival in Bangkok, Thailand
  • St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland or Boston, USA
  • Cinco de Mayo in California, USA
  • Diade Muertos (Day of the Dead), Mexico
  • Diwali (Festival of Lights), India

Get creative and be open-minded.

There’ll always be moments of uncertainty, regardless of the amount of preparation you’ve laid out for your trip. This is where resourcefulness and flexibility will be quite handy. There might instances where you’ll be stranded in a major city’s traffic while riding a cab.In this case, you must be ready to put on your sandals and walk the crowded roads to reach your next destination on time. Will it be your first time to taste a local delicacy? It might seem weird to try out. Still, part of immersing yourself in a whole new and different world is to let your taste buds experience totally different flavors. Just be sure you’ve taken your vitamins, allergy supplements and vaccines so all you’ll have are memorable gastronomic experiences from these delicacies.

Live by Mark Twain’s quote.

As the American writer Mark Twain said, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

If you’re hesitant about going on an adventure, think of whether you’ll have more regrets in not trying something out versus just going for it. Chances are, the mix of unpleasant and blissful moments which come with traveling are more worthwhile,compared to just staying put and playing things safe.

Research on everything that’s out there!


There are literally over a hundred destinations you can explore throughout your whole lifetime. So if you’d like to be creative or have a more unique travel experiences, you can consider going to roads which are less traveled. Just be sure your security and the most necessary amenities will be established in the locations you’re planning to visit. If thousands of tourists have already been to the destination you’ve always wanted to see, remember no two experiences will ever be alike. You’ve got your own way of enjoying a location. Just immerse yourself in researching for options.And when it’s time to decide on where you want to go, don’t hesitate to choose and know whatever you’ll pick will always be memorable.If you’re traveling with a significant other, we also have a feature on 101 of the most romantic jet destinations for lovers.

If you’re already set to reach a specific destination, it would be so much easier to travel on a private jet. You’ll have lesser inconveniences when it comes to boarding on your plane, going through security and bringing your luggage. With a private jet’s customized features, you’ll have more room to stretch your feet out, plus you can pick which food items will be catered throughout your flight.For more information and further assistance, you may call our flight specialists at +1 866-448-2358.