A Travel Success Story You Will Never Believe

June 26, 2017 • By

We travel to unwind, escape, and grow. Amazingly, there are individuals who’ve made a fortune out of going beyond the confines of their homes to see the various parts of the world. These adventurous and artistic types have taken their tours to the next level by capitalizing on the photos and videos they take of a destination.

One of them would be Ben Brown. As a World Champion kayak paddler, he recently decided to take on the route of film making, photography, and YouTube vlogging. At 31 years old, he transitioned from being a successful athlete to an up-and-coming YouTube vlogger. Since he started in 2013, this YouTuber already reaped about $200,000 out of producing top quality content on his channel, Mr. Ben Brown.

Travel Success Story

World Champion kayak paddler Ben Brown and his shift to travel vlogging :- Photo Credit:

Cinematography and Wandering the World

Brown’s Visual Vibes is one of a kind. With his perspective of the world’s various scenes, YouTube subscribers are always in for visual treats. His unique style of Cinematography is a combination of videos in slow motion and perfectly timed Electronic Music. Out of a dozen, the ones about the Arctic and Canada have garnered the most views at over 1 million views per video. Glimpses of landscapes, wildlife, and people are some of the featured content in each Visual Vibe Video:

Travel Success Story

Video Credit: Mr Ben Brown(The video may also be embedded on the blog.)

His regular videos are comprised of engaging features about the places he’s been. These include adventures to Costa Rica, Cape Town, Maldives, Dubai, and Australia among other destinations.Viewers and subscribers can also catch a peek into Brown’s personality,daily lifestyle and relationships. Aside from Visual Vibes’ captivating cinematography, his carefree and exciting videos are what subscribers view the most.

Dabbles on Unique Merchandise Items

Aside from his YouTube channel, Ben Brown also has a website where he showcases his merchandise items. Brown enjoys taking photos as much as making short films in the form of Visual Vibes. His online store has collections with subjects such as the Arctic and Sports. He claims these pieces have just the fitting size for a bedroom or even an office wall.To date, all these prints have been sold out. Additionally, he sells Visual Vibes tees.

Travel Success Story

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Exploring with Other Niches

There’s no stopping the actively creative Brown from producing more captivating pieces to the delight of his subscribers and followers. He occasionally crosses over to other niches, as shown by his other YouTube video called Moto Ben. Brown admits to not being an expert on motorcycles. However,his enthusiasm to ride on different bike models as he explores some parts of the world is a thrill to watch.

He continues to work with a team of creative individuals as he plans to take on another expedition in Africa. Brown will be exploring various parts of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya. He also talks about collaborating with worldwide brands such as Red Bull, while creative directing and shooting for other brands.

Beyond reaping more viewers, fans, and profits,Ben Brown’s level of travel success is certainly life changing. As he shifted from being a sportsman almost all his life to being an actively,traveling creative, his upcoming works are worth watching out for.